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Phlib in Heal's

Yes, Phlib magnetic photo frames can now be bought on the high-street! They're being stocked by Heal's, probably the bestest furniture shop in the whole wide world! Since 1810, many top designers have been drawn to Heal's for their distinctive character and reputation for innovation. Heal's "work with the designers of the future and offer home furnishings that represent the best in contemporary design". So it really is a great honour for us to have Phlib frames up in the wall in their stores! Heal's has six stores located throughout England and an online store Their flagship store (see...

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Harry Puts Photos in the Frame

  WEST Somerset-based entrepreneur Harry Singer is heading for the high street with his innovative solution to displaying photographs. Harry’s passion for ‘real’ photographs and his frustration with the difficulties of putting them up on the walls of his Alcombe flat inspired him to come up with the Philib, which stands for Photo Liberation. And the invention - a simple metal skeleton that snaps are pinned to with magnets - landed him a place on BBC1’s High Street Dreams in which successful fragrance and beauty products businesswoman Jo Malone helped put him on the road to success. Now 32-year-old Harry...

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Discomfort woke me at 4am on Sunday and I found myself stumbling around the bedroom with a really swollen hand. And it really, really hurt! No visible marks on the wall so I wasn't sleep-punching (not that I ever have done) so I checked in the bed and there was a medium-size, dead, ugly, hairy... SPIDER! A cold sweat and cotton-mouth took over me as the swelling and discomfort spread further across my knuckles and was tingling down towards my elbow and, as I thought at the time, presumably towards my heart. "What the... A SPIDER... PAIN!.... what do I...

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