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Phlib: the next generation

I am delighted to announce that Harry has just become a Father. Little Coco is a bundle of joy and features heavily on the office Phlib frames. Congratulations Harry!    

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Bigger is better!

News just in... the 5x5 Hipstamatic frame is available! You'll have to be quick though because we only have a limited run. Don't miss out on your chance to be in the very select 5x5 crew!  Each frame holds 25 photos which is the largest Phlib frame to date. We had a little play around though and created the 10x10! 100 hundred of your favourite Hipstamatic photos, filling most of your wall! All you need is 4 of the 5x5s. It's our most affordable photowall to date! Grab yours here!     

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DIY camera from Lomagraphy

  Do you like building models? And do you like photography? (...of course you do!) If these two things tickle your fancy then the good people at Lomography have just the thing for you; The Konstruktor camera.    The Konstruktor is a build-your-own camera kit. Not only is this great for DIY enthusiasts, but also for people that would like to learn more about how photography works and what it is exactly, the camera is doing.  It has been so many years since I've owned a piece of kit like this. The most satisfying part is always breaking off the...

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