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Creative Phlib Competition!

  What's the most interesting thing you can do with your Phlib? Maybe you haven’t thought about what’s really possible with Phlib frames. Remember, they’re modular! Ever tried putting a few together? It looks damn fine! Check out the space invaders photo set. So here’s your chance to show us how creatively you can use your Phlib. Send us a picture of how you’re using your Phlib to its full potential and you could win even more Phlib frames!  The winner will be announce on next remember to add us on Facebook and sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with the results....

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Umbra Snaps

  Ever seen these little guys?  I just came across these and thought they looked pretty cool. They’re called Snap Frames from Umbra and they house your photos in a quirky little polaroid frame. Here you can see they give your wall a ‘pin board’ effect – great for livening up little spaces in your home or work place. Why just limit them to your wall though? Maybe your like me - I hate boring draws! Plop a few on your draws and make reaching for your socks in the morning a little more inspiring! There frames are a dry...

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WARNING! Photo Explosions!

Remember...We explode your photos so you don't have to! It's no secrete that one of the coolest ways to show off your Phlib is with a PHOTO EXPLOSION! Don't know what that is?...Where has Phlib been all your life! A photo explosion is when a single photo is split up to fill your entire Phlib photo frame - very cool! Have a look at the nifty diagram bellow. I know what your thinking; I'm not a qualified explosives expert...or my pizza cutter is still dirty from last night... or Huh?!! How do I do this you ask? Why not let us do...

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