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DIY camera from Lomagraphy

  Do you like building models? And do you like photography? (...of course you do!) If these two things tickle your fancy then the good people at Lomography have just the thing for you; The Konstruktor camera.    The Konstruktor is a build-your-own camera kit. Not only is this great for DIY enthusiasts, but also for people that would like to learn more about how photography works and what it is exactly, the camera is doing.  It has been so many years since I've owned a piece of kit like this. The most satisfying part is always breaking off the...

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Cool or creepy?

It sounds like something out of 1950's science fiction, but HD video camera glasses are now available to the masses!  Sounds like a fantastic innovation - but you only have to look at the guy below to see that there is some room for misuse! Luckily they don't look inconspicuous. There is very blatantly a camera in the bridge of the nose which would thwart any sneaky spy attempts.      There's a mini SD slot that will take up to 16GB of recording! The battery however is limited to just 50 minutes.    Could certainly add something different to...

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How to Unload Your Pinhole Camera Film.

  So you've built your camera, filled you film with (hopefully) wonderful photos and now you want to get them developed. Here's how to safely remove your film without light leaks or damage. Doing it this way also means you can use the camera body again and again!  The first thing you need to do is remove the plastic clicker. If you try to wind the film back with the clicker in place, you risk tearing the film. Peel away some of the tape around the clicker, remove it and then tape back down to ensure it's lightproof again. Be...

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