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OMG Life - The Autographer

Have you every wished you could watch back your days in full? Maybe your days aren’t that exciting, or maybe just once is enough! There is no escaping the fact that when on holiday we all go through our pictures at the end of the day, reminiscing on things that happened just hours ago. But what if that slide show included pictures of your day that you didn’t even take? OMG Live are about to release a camera that would do just that. The Autographer is a new camera that you wear around the neck or attach to your clothing....

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Light Graffiti... part 2

This is part 2 of the Light Graffiti series. Didn't catch part 1? Check it out here! So after learning all about light graffiti, Harry went out with some friends (and some beer) to give it a go. Here are a few of the photos they came up with... A very magical pint! Space monkey?  Insert awesome drummer Craig Connet... these are brilliant!     Give it a go yourself (click here to refresh your memory). Upload your photos to our Facebook wall - we'd love to see what you come up with! Peace out - Carl                                          ...

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So we all know photos belong on your wall, not your hard drive. But what about the walls best friend... the ceiling! I've always thought the ceiling was a neglected part of interior design. Something reserved for lighting and ventilation (and maybe the occasional Sistine Chapel). I've stuck photos to my ceiling since I was a teenager. Ceilings are boring! So it was only natural that I would experiment with the horizontal Phlib!        There's a room in the back of my house that has a tiny window with no view. We've all got one somewhere, be it...

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