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The All New Hipstamatic Photo Explosion...

  Our Hipstamatic frames have always been the coolest way to display your Hipstamatic & Instagram photos. We then introduced the 9 piece Hipstamatic explosion where your favourite Hipstamatic photo was split across your entire Phlib frame. Well now we've gone one step further! Introducing... the 36 piece Hipstamatic photo explosion! This is your favourite Hipstamatic photo, split across 4 (FOUR!) Phlib frames. Check out our 4 frame Hipstamatic mega bundle here. Get 4 Phlib Hipstamatic frames with a whopping £60 saving! With the Hipstamatic mega bundle you get the option of 36 single photos or the 36 piece photo...

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So we all know photos belong on your wall, not your hard drive. But what about the walls best friend... the ceiling! I've always thought the ceiling was a neglected part of interior design. Something reserved for lighting and ventilation (and maybe the occasional Sistine Chapel). I've stuck photos to my ceiling since I was a teenager. Ceilings are boring! So it was only natural that I would experiment with the horizontal Phlib!        There's a room in the back of my house that has a tiny window with no view. We've all got one somewhere, be it...

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  Ever imagine what your favourite Hipstamatic/Instagram photo would look like 65x65cm?! Well imagine no more! This can be achieved with 4 of our Hipstamatic frames (now 30% off). And we'll supply the prints! Just make sure the photo is high enough quality and you're away!

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