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The Butterfly Effect

If you have a fear of butterflies... look away now! Maybe you've seen these before, maybe you haven't. They're little magnetic butterflies and we've discovered that can look pretty nifty on a Phlib! We knew that the Phlib Photo Cable was a versatile item; customers have listed using them not just for photos but for notes, cards & keepsakes too. One thing a customer has never mentioned before are magnetic butterflies.   Harry picked these up on a recent trip to Rome. I've researched them and turns out they are sold everywhere. Just search magnetic butterflies online - they're real...

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100% Photo Cable Target Reached!

  You did it! We've hit our pre sales target and we are please to announce that the Phlib Photo Cables will be going into production very shortly! Thanks to everyone that pre ordered, you will receive yours as soon as we get them in stock. There's still time for people to get them at the discount price of just £5.49 here. This price will run until we officially have them in stock.  Peace out!                

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Phlib Photo Cable Pre Order Deal!

  If you haven't heard already - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! - our new photo cable is available to pre order. When you pre order this product you get it at the amazing discount price of just £5.49! Wow!  Also, share this post on Facebook and get 10% off everything in store! What are you waiting for? Lets spread the word! 

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