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Phlib Photo Cable Pre Order Deal!

  If you haven't heard already - WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! - our new photo cable is available to pre order. When you pre order this product you get it at the amazing discount price of just £5.49! Wow!  Also, share this post on Facebook and get 10% off everything in store! What are you waiting for? Lets spread the word! 

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Great new Phlib bundle deals!

  Check out our great new bundles on our deals page: If you've ever fancied putting a few Phlibs together but never plucked up the courage, now's your chance! We currently have a few combinations at bargain prices. What are you waiting for? They could be just what you need to help you win the CREATIVE PHLIB COMPETITION. Remember to add us on Facebook and sign up to the newsletter for future deals, competitions and free stuff.                 

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