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The Vinyl Phlib

I love old vinyls! These days, with the music technology available, vinyl has become fairly impracticable. It's no question that 99% of the time, I'll listen to the music I've downloaded from itunes. The library is just so much bigger and skipping tracks and albums can be done with the touch of a button. There are, however, exceptions. I challenge you to listen to a Nat King Cole vinyl then listen it on CD or download. It just isn't the same.  As much as I like the authenticity of vinyl, my favourite thing about them is the album sleeve. Growing...

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The Butterfly Effect

If you have a fear of butterflies... look away now! Maybe you've seen these before, maybe you haven't. They're little magnetic butterflies and we've discovered that can look pretty nifty on a Phlib! We knew that the Phlib Photo Cable was a versatile item; customers have listed using them not just for photos but for notes, cards & keepsakes too. One thing a customer has never mentioned before are magnetic butterflies.   Harry picked these up on a recent trip to Rome. I've researched them and turns out they are sold everywhere. Just search magnetic butterflies online - they're real...

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So we all know photos belong on your wall, not your hard drive. But what about the walls best friend... the ceiling! I've always thought the ceiling was a neglected part of interior design. Something reserved for lighting and ventilation (and maybe the occasional Sistine Chapel). I've stuck photos to my ceiling since I was a teenager. Ceilings are boring! So it was only natural that I would experiment with the horizontal Phlib!        There's a room in the back of my house that has a tiny window with no view. We've all got one somewhere, be it...

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