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My Cycle to Work (Overlooked Details)

How many of you cycle to work? I love cycling to work, but recently I was thinking about why. I came to the conclusion that you're better connected with everything around you. You don't just ride past trees and bushes - you often brush through them! When it rains - you get wet! You can say hello to people you ride past instead of just waving. Now I know not all of these things sound like good things, but they certainly make you feel more alive. We live in an age now where we spend most of our time staring...

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Instant LoMo

  Here at Phlib we love Lomography and we love Movember! If you're the same, then we've found a way to embrace them both. Introducing the caMOra! Take photos with a stylish moustache of your own design!   Now you know what you need, the rest is simple. If you need a little help though, here's a step by step guide: Step 1. Cut out a moustache from the card using the scissors Step 2. Stick the moustache to the camera using the tape Simple! The caMOra is also great if you can't quite gather a cool level of facial...

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20 Years of Lomography

  Yes, Birthday Joys Lomography! 20 years of film revival. We love Lomography because they share a vary similar mantra to Phlib. We both share a love of the printed photograph. If you haven't heard of Lomography before, read their story here. Also, check their website here and get inspired!  I've only just got into Lomography. I picked up a Diana Mini a few months ago and I'm loving it! Harry is a long time Lomographer though and takes pretty stunning photos. Check out his Lomo fisheyes, they look very cool on the Phlib 4x4 frame.    Go forth and...

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