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Hipstamatic Multiple Exposures

Multi Hipstamatic exposures... right on!     So Hipstamatic have finally done it... the multiple exposures feature! We have always been big fans of multiple exposures here at Phlib. There are however, some people out there in the world of iphonography that have never experienced such a wonder! If you want a quick catch up on what multiple exposures are and how to create stunning images with them; check out our 'Double Exposure Tips' post here.    Multiple exposures are something that used to be exclusive to photographers using manual wind, film cameras or digital cameras with the option built...

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Photo Tips: Double Exposures

Double exposures are awesome! Here's a few tips to make yours looks the best they can. Double exposures are exactly what they sound like; two exposures mixed on the same photo. It can produce some pretty crazy and often unexpected results. Of course you could recreate this effect quite easily using a piece of photo editing software such as Photoshop, but then you loose all the spontaneity. The perfectionist in you will try to take over and the image becomes much more manipulated. Accidents are great, so use your camera to embrace them! If your using a film camera for...

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