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How to Unload Your Pinhole Camera Film.

  So you've built your camera, filled you film with (hopefully) wonderful photos and now you want to get them developed. Here's how to safely remove your film without light leaks or damage. Doing it this way also means you can use the camera body again and again!  The first thing you need to do is remove the plastic clicker. If you try to wind the film back with the clicker in place, you risk tearing the film. Peel away some of the tape around the clicker, remove it and then tape back down to ensure it's lightproof again. Be...

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I Made a Pinhole Camera! Here's How to Make Yours!

  A pinhole camera is a small camera with no lens, just a small aperture. Effectively it's a lightproof box with a tiny tiny hole. The light that passes through the hole projects an image onto the film inside. Here's my attempt - it's not pretty but it works! I learnt this technique from Here's a list of everything you'll need to make your own. Ruler Plastic binder Aluminium can New roll of 35mm film (and the box) An old roll of 35mm film (with 1cm film left on the roll) Match box Small sewing needle or pin Scissors...

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