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Instant LoMo

  Here at Phlib we love Lomography and we love Movember! If you're the same, then we've found a way to embrace them both. Introducing the caMOra! Take photos with a stylish moustache of your own design!   Now you know what you need, the rest is simple. If you need a little help though, here's a step by step guide: Step 1. Cut out a moustache from the card using the scissors Step 2. Stick the moustache to the camera using the tape Simple! The caMOra is also great if you can't quite gather a cool level of facial...

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OMG Life - The Autographer

Have you every wished you could watch back your days in full? Maybe your days aren’t that exciting, or maybe just once is enough! There is no escaping the fact that when on holiday we all go through our pictures at the end of the day, reminiscing on things that happened just hours ago. But what if that slide show included pictures of your day that you didn’t even take? OMG Live are about to release a camera that would do just that. The Autographer is a new camera that you wear around the neck or attach to your clothing....

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