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Hipstamatic Multiple Exposures

Multi Hipstamatic exposures... right on!     So Hipstamatic have finally done it... the multiple exposures feature! We have always been big fans of multiple exposures here at Phlib. There are however, some people out there in the world of iphonography that have never experienced such a wonder! If you want a quick catch up on what multiple exposures are and how to create stunning images with them; check out our 'Double Exposure Tips' post here.    Multiple exposures are something that used to be exclusive to photographers using manual wind, film cameras or digital cameras with the option built...

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360 Panorama

    360 Panorama is our new favourite app here at Phlib. It's what we used to create the very cool Phlib pictured above! Awesome! I'll get into that a little later though. This app does exactly what it says on the tin...and more! Firstly it allows you to create seamless panoramas from your mobile. But something that sets this app aside from many others in it's field is the sharing possibilities. It allows you to send interactive panoramas to computers, smart phones and other devices. Check out the video bellow.   As if that wasn't cool enough, the app...

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WARNING! Photo Explosions!

Remember...We explode your photos so you don't have to! It's no secrete that one of the coolest ways to show off your Phlib is with a PHOTO EXPLOSION! Don't know what that is?...Where has Phlib been all your life! A photo explosion is when a single photo is split up to fill your entire Phlib photo frame - very cool! Have a look at the nifty diagram bellow. I know what your thinking; I'm not a qualified explosives expert...or my pizza cutter is still dirty from last night... or Huh?!! How do I do this you ask? Why not let us do...

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