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DIY camera from Lomagraphy


Do you like building models? And do you like photography? (...of course you do!) If these two things tickle your fancy then the good people at Lomography have just the thing for you; The Konstruktor camera.   

The Konstruktor is a build-your-own camera kit. Not only is this great for DIY enthusiasts, but also for people that would like to learn more about how photography works and what it is exactly, the camera is doing. 

It has been so many years since I've owned a piece of kit like this. The most satisfying part is always breaking off the pieces! 

As you can see from the video below, there are quite a lot of very fiddly components in the camera and a little patients is probably necessary! Lomography has some very detailed and helpfuls resources on not just building the camera, but operating it too. Check it out here.  

I personally found making a pinhole camera a little too fiddly so I think I'd struggle with this! This DIY 35mm camera comes in at a very reasonable £29.99. Buy yours here. Worth checking out for something to do during the rain!
Peace out, Carl



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