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Cool or creepy?

It sounds like something out of 1950's science fiction, but HD video camera glasses are now available to the masses! 
Sounds like a fantastic innovation - but you only have to look at the guy below to see that there is some room for misuse! Luckily they don't look inconspicuous. There is very blatantly a camera in the bridge of the nose which would thwart any sneaky spy attempts.   
There's a mini SD slot that will take up to 16GB of recording! The battery however is limited to just 50 minutes. 
Could certainly add something different to your home videos.

Buy the HD You Vision Video Glasses at the Photojojo Store!
So... do I think these are cool or creepy? Well, both actually. I do think the idea is very quirky and embarraces the 1950s retro futurism that I love. But I also think if the technology allows these spec to become a lot more discrete, then in the wrong hands, this product could actually be quite worrying!
Peace out, sleep well, Carl. 



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