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Create Your Own Christmas Cards...

There's nothing quite like a receiving a home made Christmas card. It almost feels like a present in itself - you know that a lot more effort has gone into it than a bumper pack of cards from Tesco.


All it takes is a simple winter photo to make a great card. I didn't have to go far for this one - just into the garden! I know there are some fantastic photographers among you, so you should have no problem with this project. It makes the laborious task of writing out piles of Xmas card much more exciting when it's cards of your own design. 

There are two ways to make your card - depending on how computer savy you are. The first is to print your photo, stick it to a piece of A4 card (folded in half), then trim the card to the size of the photo. If your more computer and less craftsy, then try printing the photo on a single sheet of card. First thing to do is open your photo in a piece of photo editing software such as Photoshop. Then change the canvas size to create the back of the card. If you want the fold at the top of the card, then double the height of the canvas, keeping the image to the bottom. If, however, you want the fold on the side of the card; double the width of the canvas, ensuring you keep the photo to the right of the canvas. Now just print, trim and fold!


Add a professional touch to your cards buy adding text. This can be done while you're in Photoshop. Simple.


Be creative with your cards! For a truly enjoyable card, for both you to make and for your friends/family to receive, try doing something different. Everyone gets a pile of robin or snowman cards every year, being inventive will make your card stand out even more.
The example bellow was a card I gave to my girlfriend a couple years ago. She was spending the winter on a work placement in Dubai and I was flying out to spend Christmas with her. I wrapped myself up as a gift for the card because my gift to her that year... was me! I actual had no help with this photo - felt a little embarrassed to ask! I managed to set up a tripod, compose the shot, wrap myself up then set the timer for a photo. Still don't quite know how I managed it! The snowflakes were added in Photoshop for an extra Christmasy feel.


So there you have it. It's very simple and very rewarding for all! Get into the Christmas spirit and go make a card!

Merry Christmas, Carl.



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