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How to Unload Your Pinhole Camera Film.


So you've built your camera, filled you film with (hopefully) wonderful photos and now you want to get them developed. Here's how to safely remove your film without light leaks or damage. Doing it this way also means you can use the camera body again and again! 

The first thing you need to do is remove the plastic clicker. If you try to wind the film back with the clicker in place, you risk tearing the film. Peel away some of the tape around the clicker, remove it and then tape back down to ensure it's lightproof again. Be careful not to tape the film down or you won't be able to rewind it!

Now simply rewind the film back into the original canister. I found the easiest way was to use both hands - one on each film. Gently turn both canisters anticlockwise until the film is back to it's original position. You may want to create another ring pull winder to make it easier. I didn't bother though - too eager to see my photos!


Once your film is nicely wound back into the canister, your photos are safe - hurray! Peel back the tape connecting the canister to the matchbox. Do this gently if reusing the camera. Now cut the film from the empty canister and you're all set to get them developed. 

When developing your photos it's best to tell the lab that the film came from a pinhole camera and that the frames may be a little irregular. Probably best to just ask for developing and scanning; you can then choose how your photos are cropped instead of the lab cutting photos in half because of their irregular spacing.



So that's how you unload your pinhole camera! I hope lots of you give this a try because it's a lot of fun. The results can be messy and completely unexpected, but that's all part of the fun! If you want to re-use your camera, simply attach the clicker to the new film, remove the tray, tape the film back to the remainder of the old film, re-insert the tray and tape shut. Now your ready to go again. This time you'll probably have a lot more knowledge about what does and doesn't work and as a result, your photos will be better this time! If your photos were disappointing the first time around, I recommend giving it another shot.


To see the photos from my first roll click here. Don't forget to show us what you come up with on our Facebook page. Peace out and happy clicking!

- Carl



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