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My Cycle to Work (Overlooked Details)

How many of you cycle to work? I love cycling to work, but recently I was thinking about why. I came to the conclusion that you're better connected with everything around you. You don't just ride past trees and bushes - you often brush through them! When it rains - you get wet! You can say hello to people you ride past instead of just waving. Now I know not all of these things sound like good things, but they certainly make you feel more alive. We live in an age now where we spend most of our time staring at screens and communication without speaking.
We get in our cars and we drive from A to B without much thought. This can also be the case when cycling but it's a lot harder to ignore the things you encounter on route. You're also much more in control when cycling. If you see something interesting - stop and look at it! You won't be holding anyone else up. That's just what I decided to do one morning last week. I took my smallest camera along for the ride to document some of the things on the 8.5 mile cycle to work, that I usually ignore. Turns out there are some pretty quirky stops on route to Phlib HQ.


First thing's first is the happy tile. This isn't usually overlooked - it's tradition in my house to salute the happy tile on a daily basis! He brings a little cheer to the ever darkening mornings.

When cycling in the countryside, it's easy to overlook some very simple thing such as how tall some of the trees are or how interesting the ploughed lines in fields look.

There's a junk shop about 3 miles into the journey. It's always got some peculiar things outside, but now it appears to house a giant wooden shark! It's a confusing site so early in the morning.

Time for a quick water break at the halfway point, but then it's straight back to the hustle and bustle of the road.


After a few more miles, past the war memorial, I get to the railway station. None of the trains run this early, which is a shame because this is about the point that I start to run out if steam!


Only a couple miles to go now and I can see the river that runs past Phib HQ. That's aways a happy sight! By the river are the church ruins of Cleeve Abby. Beautiful place - does look a bit dull this time in the morning though.


There are a few old fashioned petrol stations on my route but this one in particular I find a little strange. Not sure why, just reminds me of the film: 'The Hills Have Eyes'! The buildings have some interesting decorations too. 


I really like this car, it's in a bit of a state though and I have a feeling it doesn't work. Would love to see it up and running.
Halloween is long gone but the pumpkins round the corner are still going strong! Good effort!

And after 8.5 miles of cycling and exploring, I arrive at Phib HQ. First stop is to the most important place... the table football table! Then it's time for some serious Phlibbing.

Obviously, unless you leave super early your not going to be able to do a great deal of exploring, but just try to open your brain to what your eyes see every day! And, if your in no rush after work, why not have a little play after work.
Remember though - Safety first! Don't play around in traffic, especially when it's dark!

Peace out and happy cycling! Carl.



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