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Classic Movembers Time Forgot...


So Movember is upon us again. If you don't know what Movember is; it's growing a kick ass moustache throughout November to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer. For more information check out the Movember site here.

We thought we'd take a look back at some of those classic Movembers that have perhaps been forgotten over the years.


Alfred Hitchcock began writing a screen play about a killer moustache but couldn't complete it before December. No longer a current subject, he changed his brutal moustaches for birds. Oh how different his career could have been.


'My Moustache gave me the edge over Liston' states Muhammad Ali after the fight. He wanted to keep the facial hair but was ordered to remove it on December 1st by the World Boxing Association because it was far to intimidating.


The Ramones even changed their name to The Ramos and released a hit single called 'Handlebar High School'. Johnny Ramone shaved his off a little early though after turning up at a Village People rehearsal by mistake.


Unfortunately Louis also had to shave his beast off mid November because it was interfering with his trumpet playing.


This was a big achievement for Churchill because of his seething hate for upper lip hair. Just look at how uncomfortable he looks with a moustache.                          
Humphrey Bogart got the lead in Casablanca because of this stylish piece. Everyone fell for him. But when he turned up for filming in December 1941, Judy Garland (the intended lead lady) walked. The producer drafted in Ingrid Bergman last minute and the film turned out to be a great success.

In November 1977 Woody Allen wrote a short article for The New Yorker entitled; 'The Comic Tragedy of Facial (and other) Hairs'. He grew out a mini Groucho to help him write. It was complete coincidence that it coincided with Movember! Andy Warhol made a film in the 60's called; 'Growing a Moustache'. The film was 30 days long and was a single take of Andy's face growing out his upper lip. The soundtrack was written by The Velvet Underground. The film put Lou Reed of facial hair for life. This photo is a still from day 17.


A lot of people think the moon landing happened in July, but it actually took place November 21st. Here's Buzz supporting a very impressive 21 days growth. Rumour has it that his moustache was so big, you actually see it from earth.

So I hope this has help raise awareness of Movember and I hope you have been inspired to tash! It's not too late to catch up with the others. You could probably overtake me in less than a day!

Must dash, Carl.



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