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I love old vinyls! These days, with the music technology available, vinyl has become fairly impracticable. It's no question that 99% of the time, I'll listen to the music I've downloaded from itunes. The library is just so much bigger and skipping tracks and albums can be done with the touch of a button. There are, however, exceptions. I challenge you to listen to a Nat King Cole vinyl then listen it on CD or download. It just isn't the same. 

As much as I like the authenticity of vinyl, my favourite thing about them is the album sleeve. Growing up in the world of tapes, CDs and now downloads, album art has had much less of an impact. Vinyl artwork is big; peoples faces are often life size! They are so striking that I don't want to keep them in a dusty stack; I want them on display! Insert Phlib. It turns out we're not just good at liberating your photos, but your vinyls too!

Outlandos d'Amour... classic.


It turns out that our Hipstamatic Frame is the exact dimensions of a vinyl sleeve. Score! It holds perfectly with a few magnets in each corner. It'll even hold it with the vinyl inside. So my problems are solved. Time to clear the wall by my record player and fill it with my favourite vinyl! 

This is one of my favourite sleeves. I'm a huge Tom Waits fan and this sleeve really sums up his early career. The photo was taken by Joel Brodsky; awesome photographer who has taken photos for over 400 albums in his career!

So if like me, you love to display your vinyl, check out our Hipstamatic frames here. Also, we have a special offer on at the moment when you buy 3! Check that out here.

I wasn't around in the 70's, never like 70's music growing up. My view has changed somewhat in the last 5 years. Turns out it's not all glam rock...



 Peace out, Carl


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