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OMG Life - The Autographer

Have you every wished you could watch back your days in full? Maybe your days aren’t that exciting, or maybe just once is enough! There is no escaping the fact that when on holiday we all go through our pictures at the end of the day, reminiscing on things that happened just hours ago. But what if that slide show included pictures of your day that you didn’t even take? OMG Live are about to release a camera that would do just that. The Autographer is a new camera that you wear around the neck or attach to your clothing. The thing that puts this camera in a league of its own is that photos are taken when it chooses throughout the day.


To me, this sounds like a 1950s vision of the future, when everything was space, robots and technology. I wasn’t around on the 50s, but I’ve read the books and watched the films. Of course all the joyous future dreams of the 50s aside, this camera also conjures up the dystopian future images of 1984! OK, maybe that’s just my imagination, but the thought of everything you do and everywhere you go being recorded feels very Big Brother to me (I do not mean the show).


The fact is though; this camera has the potential to capture some pretty fantastic images. This is great for the lazy photographer who can’t quite be bothered to retrieve their camera from their bag to capture the moment. I don’t think many serious photographers would rely on this camera solely to immortalise their adventures and would always take their time composing the shots they wanted. That, however, is not what this camera is about. It’s about the photos you don’t think to take. This would make reviewing your photos at the end of the day so exciting. Even more so than when developing film, at least with film you know what you’ve pointed at. With the Autograther, you’re able to see the details of your day that you didn’t notice first time around.

But how does it choose what to take photos of? It uses a GPS system and 5 in-built sensors that are fused by a sophisticated algorithm to tell the camera when to shoot. The camera detects changes in light and colour, motion, direction and temperature, taking thousands of photos throughout the day. 

The lens is fixed focus but to ensure most of the scene is captured, they’ve used a 136˚ semi-fisheye wideangle lens. The camera includes a 5MP sensor and weighs only 58g. Photos can be viewed as pictures or as a stop start film. You can even make a GIF animation of what you capture each day. With all the new mediums in which to share your life, I can’t help but experience that 1950s feeling of imagining the future. One of the most popular ways to share your life currently is via Instagram; a constant live feed of photos you choose to share that have your location mapped. The next step, I guess, is sharing your entire day in a 3 minute stop motion film.


In this day and age, your business is everybody’s business. Not because of an invasion of privacy, but because you want your business to be everybody else’s business. This camera is just the next step in the evolution of documenting and sharing our lives. I like the idea of this camera while on holiday – would I use it for day to day life? Probably not. Although, I would be curious to see the things I just ignore every day. I would also be interested to see if the camera’s sensors are smart to – as OMG claims - tell the camera exactly the right moments to take photos.

If the Autographer is something that appeals to you, you can register to be one of the first to own one by registering here.

Price tag: £400.


Peace out. Carl.


  • George Singer says...

    That article is beautifully-written!! Interesing camera too and an amazing concept.

    On October 11, 2012

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