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Best Seller 3D!

So we all know photos belong on your wall, not your hard drive. But what about the walls best friend... the ceiling! I've always thought the ceiling was a neglected part of interior design. Something reserved for lighting and ventilation (and maybe the occasional Sistine Chapel). I've stuck photos to my ceiling since I was a teenager. Ceilings are boring! So it was only natural that I would experiment with the horizontal Phlib!    


There's a room in the back of my house that has a tiny window with no view. We've all got one somewhere, be it at home or at work. I came up with a nice way to overcome this. I know I could just hang a Phlib on the wall with a lovely landscape on it, but I thought this would be much more fun! All it is, is 3 of our Hipstamatic frames fixed to the corner of the room. It was actually much easier than I thought it would be (had my doubts as to whether it was actually going to work)! Now I have my very own window box in the corner of my room. And the best thing is - I get to pick the view!


I started out with a classic sunny sky. Everyone likes to look at a blue sky and day dream about their favourite holiday. After staring at my new sunny corner of Phlibs for hours on end, I soon realised it was night time! Time to change the Phlib! How about a lovely night sky? Perfect. When there's no sun left, star gazing is the next best thing. 


A new day and a new idea! I love lots of things about the 80's - the music (well, some of the music), the fashion (well, some of the fashion). Ok, bad examples but the gadgets were pretty cool. What better way to pay tribute to the decade of my birth than with the Rubik's Phlib! It's much easier than his cube!

This is just the beginning of this project. We're working on getting photos of anything on these bad boys. If we had a portrait of a cat, for example, the perspective would need to be warped to fit properly. We're doing tests at the moment... very exciting! 

In the mean time, we'd love to hear your ideas about images for the 3D Phlib! You can drop us a line on our Facebook page here.

Stay cool, and watch this space - they will be available very soon! Carl.


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