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If you go down to the woods today...

It's been a busy few weeks at the Phlib HQ so Harry thought it might be nice for me to get out into the countryside for a little break. Lovely idea! I decided to go up into the woods and do some wildlife photography. The area was so scenic and relaxing but there was not an animal in sight! This may have had something to do with the masses of rain that suddenly descended upon the land shortly after I arrived.

I quickly found shelter under a nearby tree (don't worry, there was no lightning!). I was, however, soon startled out of my hiding place by a sound in the distance. I went off to explore...


...AAAAHHHHH! Giant centipede! There's always a catch when I get 'a break' from the office! The real reason I'm in the woods is to make it a little more exciting for those (like me) who are too impatient to wait around for wildlife to emerge.


Isn't that much more exciting than a plain old tree? A bit creepy I guess though!


I much prefer frogs to giant centipedes... they look much friendlier. 


A quick break for some tree hugging... and kissing.


Ok, squirrels are quite common in the woods, but they never stay still long enough for me to get a good look. Now everyone can enjoy this lovely little guy!


I never realised there was so much wildlife in my local woods!


Classic 'photo of a photo' shots now...


Here's a glimpse of the other side of the lens, at our photographer Daisy.


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Hopefully this little Phlib nature trail will put a smile on a few peoples faces while they trek through the Hopcott woods in Somerset. If you find yourself in the area and happen to come across them, do say hello - they're very friendly! I'll be back to check on you soon little buddies!

Peace out for now, Carl.

p.s. No animals were harmed during the making of this blog!


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