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Stickygrams are our new favourite thing in the Phlib office. We have big thanks for the good people at Stickygram for showing us some magnetic love and sending us a free set! Thank you! If you don't know what a Stickygram is, check them out here

Stickygram is a personalised printing service that turns your Instagram images into lovely little magnets. You create your pack of 9 photo magnets online by logging into your Instagram account and they deliver them to your door. They ship anywhere in the world...for free!


It seems like the perfect fit right? Nine square, magnetic photos on a nine aperture square format frame. If only the photos were 4x4"!


Well at least our fridge is...cooler. Sorry.


These little guys are awesome! Stick them anywhere you can... liven up any boring bit of metal around the house, office, car and beyond! Get your own here! Peace out.

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