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Light Graffiti... part 1

This week I went on a photo shoot with Photographer Daisy Maddison to learn all about the street art / photography cross-breed known as light graffiti. No mess, no police cautions, just glowing brilliance! All you'll need for this is a camera with adjustable exposure time and a light source - that could be a torch, bike light or even a glow stick. Oh yeah, you'll also need a tripod! That's important!


Daisy took the photo above while in the car through town. She held the camera out the window for 10 seconds and then boom! Crazy light show!

For the kind of shots that follow you should use a tripod and set exposure on your camera to somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds. Close the camera's aperture as much as possible and set the iso to 100.
She set the tripod up in front of this bin and adjusted the camera settings accordingly. I was given a blue LED light while Daisy took the white. She started the camera and shouted 'draw!'. Slightly startled and confused as to what I was supposed to draw, I think I just got in the way!  
The camera captures the entire journey the light makes while it's exposing. So you really are just drawing in the air! This does however mean that you can't see the lines you have already drawn. Practise makes perfect though as 'they' say.

Love this... It reminds me of Ghostbusters! There's me getting in the way again! If you stand in the same spot too long you will appear as a ghost-like figure in the photo. 

This is the best I managed to do. I call him Oscar! This photo is all that's left of him now. How sad.


Also, this is pretty cool. If you want that feeling you get only when shaking a can of spray paint - you'll love this! A spray can that sprays light instead of paint! Obviously not essential but a pretty funny way to confuse 'the man'! We found it here.


I have been taught the basics and now I'm going to take the Phlib office out so that everyone can have a go. Stay tuned to see what we come up with! And now you know how to do it, make sure you give it a go yourself! We'll have a competition soon to see which of you are the best light graffiti artists!

For further inspiration, check this out... AWESOME!




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