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360 Panorama is our new favourite app here at Phlib. It's what we used to create the very cool Phlib pictured above! Awesome! I'll get into that a little later though. This app does exactly what it says on the tin...and more! Firstly it allows you to create seamless panoramas from your mobile. But something that sets this app aside from many others in it's field is the sharing possibilities. It allows you to send interactive panoramas to computers, smart phones and other devices. Check out the video bellow.

As if that wasn't cool enough, the app uses stereographic projection to turn your panorama into it's own little planet! Haha, they still make me smile! Bellow is a quick guide on how to create your own universe of photos.

Step 1: Capture your panorama! Just tap the screen and pan your device in any direction. You'll see your panorama being built in realtime as every incoming frame is processed.
Step 2: Save and view! Here you can check that you lined everything up correctly for a clean stitch. For this example I have chosen a lovely country cottage. Once you get the hang of making panoramas, try adding people. Once you've made your little planet they'll be spread out all over the world! For best effect, make sure you have a constant band of sky at the top of the photo.


Step 3: Stereographic projection! This is where the magic happens. The mathematics of Stereographic project look something like this:
    p.s. don't quote me!
But you don't have to concern yourself with that! Simply choose the stereographic option and everything is done for you! Boom! We whacked ours through Instagram to glam them up.

You can download the app for iPhone and Android mobiles here. It only costs about 60p so why not give it a try! We'd love to see what you come up, post your attempts up on our Facebook page. We'll also give a prize to anyone who figures out how to create the inverted planets feature on the Phlib at the top of the page! Have fun! Bellow is a video of tips to help you create the perfect panorama.


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