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Ever seen these little guys? 

I just came across these and thought they looked pretty cool. They’re called Snap Frames from Umbra and they house your photos in a quirky little polaroid frame. Here you can see they give your wall a ‘pin board’ effect – great for livening up little spaces in your home or work place.

Why just limit them to your wall though? Maybe your like me - I hate boring draws! Plop a few on your draws and make reaching for your socks in the morning a little more inspiring! There frames are a dry wipe plastic surface so you can personalise each snap with your own little comments. But with all this excitement on your draws it's easy to forget what's actually in them! Here's a solution for all you trendy organised types...polaroid draw labels! OK maybe that's a little too far, but I'm sure if you put your mind to it you could do something exciting with them.

Some very non-boring draws!
Over-organised draws? Maybe.




Another thing I tried with them was to hang them, not from the wall, but from the ceiling. Give your snaps a look of suspended animation, Matrix style! Make sure you use thin wire, or 1950s Sci Fi comes to mind! I bet a whole ceiling full of these would look pretty cool.

They may not be to everyone's taste though and as with most things, they do have their downfalls. To look at them they are a cheap and cheerful way to showcase your snaps, but at £27.50 rrp they're not so cheap! The size photo it holds is a little awkward too. They house 3.5 x 3.5 inch photos and I'm yet to find somewhere that will print that size. If you're passionate about photos, then you're probably not too fussed about trimming your pics down to size - anything for the photo liberation cause! But this does mean that if you're using Hipstamatic pics, you're going to loose the boarders...not cool!

All in all they're a nice (slightly kitsch) way to showcase your life in photos...everyone loves polaroids!      


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