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Introducing....... Mat!


Waaaaassssss ooooooonnn?!!!

Hey hey!! my name is Mat , I've been drafted in by Harry (Dr Boss man) and now part of Photoliberation! Woop!

About me

Well.... I'm 23 and fresh out of Aston University where I studied Industrial design and partied too much! While working for a large company during my 3rd year I also started my own clothing company which was quite successful. I remember walking through town and seeing someone wearing my product. That feeling right then was AMAZING! Knowing that someone is benefiting from my idea is something I will never forget!  And from that moment on I've had an huge passion for design, entrepreneurship (and messing around!) So after I finished university I went in search of a company that could offer all this. 2 months after finishing, I met Harry and was introduced to Phlib! An awesome company where I can test my r£@TiViTy and bu$ine$$ skills and help Harry take Phlib to new levels. 

So here I am, 13 days in and loving it!


 I'm not here to bombard you with obvious plugs to random websites "!!!!CONGRATULATIONS CLICK HERE!!!" or spam you with loads of useless information. Did you know the original game of "Monopoly" was circular?? No no NO!  I'm here to provide helpful stuff! Like...

  • How to take better photos!
  • Where you can print 828 free photos!
  • Where to find online software to edit your photos!
  • How to make wacky creative photos!

Most of this is posted on our Facebook page (Cheeky link I know... my bad) or on our blog.

Our Vision

Over the last year I have been inspired by people around me to achieve great things! And Phlib is going to be one of those things. Today over 250 million photos get uploaded to facebook! That's 1.75 BILLION photos every week! Its almost too much to comprehend. 

Anyway sharing photos has never been so easy! Here at Phlib we want people to take this photo sharing experience off  computers and onto walls! There is something special about photos you can touch and feel that can't be mimicked by computer software! And with printing photos being so cheap, its a cost effective way to decorate your home! We want people to remember/ share and be proud of all those special memories which are probably stored away on some hard drive. 


Hipstamatic Ecstatic!!

Shortly after I started I discovered Harry was designing Hipstamatic frames. I'd never seen these before and can't wait to get my hands on one! Hipstamatic photos are square and can give a much more retro look to photos. I downloaded the Hipstamtic app on my iphone and can't stop taking pics!  

For all of you who haven't seen our Hipstamatic frames, go check'em out on our frames page! (Last link I promise!) We have been overwhelmed by your interest for them and have had to make even more!! 

Anyway enough from me! Happy browsing.

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