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Never Too Old To Phlib

Since featuring on BBC1's High Street Dreams on Friday we've been absolutely inundated with lovely messages, amazing suggestions, tons of support, and loads and loads of sales! What a response, we're totally astounded, thanks very very much indeed!!

Interestingly, the one message that has cropped up more than any other (by a factor of 45+) is that "You're never too old to Phlib!!" Big-up to Bob for our new slogan. You the man! Here are some more gems:

"I am 59 and love it!" And we love you Christine

"I'm 67 and think it's a great product. We've moved on from the days of tweed coats and Hush Puppies!Carmel, what on Earth is a Hush Puppy?

"Just because one is getting older it does not mean that one does not like and appreciate new and modern ideas. Well done and good luck!" Thanks Ann!

"I am 62 and my husband is 67, I think your target should be anyone who has a digital camera!" It's obvious now that Jayne's pointed it out!

"I think it would appeal to absolutely anyone not just the young and trendy youth....not that I'm not trendy by the way!!" I'm sure you are Denise!

"Just purchased my first Phlib! Saw the show on TV tonight and very impressed with your invention. Although your product was aimed at 15 - 35 year olds, I am 59 and have loads of photos I want to display so this is just the ticket.
Well done!" Thanks Rosie!

"I'm over 45 and I will be buying some. This product will make my photos come alive and my walls will never be bored.
Thanks for Photo liberation and freeing my walls from boredom" Val's walls will never be sad again

"Hi. Love your product. I am 66 and think your "Frame" is just want I want.... Who takes and receives lots of photo's? Who doesn't want the hassle of finding frames just to show those photos off? Who finds the subject of those photos change so quickly they can't keep changing the conventional frame? By now you should have guessed its 60+ Grandparents" You're not wrong, Ken! Thanks buddy!

"Well over 45, but the perfect way to display my grandchildren!!!" Dianne: photos of your grandchildren

"Hey I'm 66 and think it's a great product. I have about 20,000 photos to play with on the laptop. Pick & mix and put them on the wall" Liz, that was almost poetic

"P.S. I am 47 so out of your age target......also thought you were dead sexy!!" Steady on there Jo!

"What's this age thing? Anyone who appreciates design and has treasured memories will buy this." Get-on Miles!

"I'm a bit older than 45 and I think they are brilliant!" Bernard, no offense but you look a bit older than a bit older than 45! But you still got it!

"bloomin' brilliant! love the product & I'm a bit older than your target market....not in my head though! I feel inspired to seek out my box brownie and start snapping again! hurray..." That's the spirit Jo!

Never Too Old To Phlib 

I dedicate Phlib to my grandparents who were all complete characters whom I loved very much. Old people rock!


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