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You don't need to be rich to afford an SLR. You can get a really good one for less than a frozen lasagne. And it's not illegal! It's analogue! 

Option 1 (100% gratis):

Ask a relative. Dads, grandfathers and uncles are probably best (no offense auntie Tina). They'll have one that was put to the back of some drawer in 1983. And there are quite a few good reasons for them to give it to you for free:
  1. They've forgotton how good it actually is
  2. They think their new digital camera is much better
  3. They'll be happy that it might get used

Now get out of there before they start telling you about how, "when I was younger...." 

Option 2 (smells like mothballs): 

Go around to your local charity / 2nd-hand / thrift shop (they always smell like the inside of granny's wardrobe) and you'll find CAMERA TREASURE GALORE! You'll even get a discount out of analogue pity.

Option 3 (obvious): 


Either way, you've now got a working, high quality SLR for about the price of some new button batteries (by the way, if you find it's broken then try and find another one rather than have it fixed. It's quicker and cheaper). Now all you need is some film before you can start experimenting with all manner of analogue SLR photo awesomeness. Getting colour 35mm films developed is cheap too: ask for process only, no prints, scan to CD. Then you can check out your photo's on the computer before getting just the best ones printed for 5p each online. Hey, with all the money you save you can now buy some great frames!

Clever hobo!

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