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And now the BBC loves photos!BBC High Street Dreams

A new BBC1 show called High Street Dreams, fronted by the famous fragrance genius Jo Malone and business tycoon Nick Leslau, is taking Harry Singer at Phlib on a fantastical journey through time and space!

The show promises to be awesome. It starts on BBC1 on the 10th May at 9pm

UPDATE 23-Jun-10: Ok so the fourth episode (OUR EPISODE) was postponed for some reason. And for ages! We were beginning to think that it wouldn't be shown at all. But now we're back! It'll be on BBC1 at 7pm, Friday 9th July. Please don't let it clash with the football!

  • John Fox says...

    I’ve just watched the TV programme and came on over to the website to find out more! Congratulations on your successful pitch, and I hope business is now booming for you. One thing the website doesn’t explain (I think it would be useful if it did!), is how I would go about printing, say, 9 pictures from a single image to build a composite Phlib montage?

    You might like to run your website through a spellchecker – there are a few spelling errors I noticed, and a couple of grammar hiccups too!

    On July 09, 2010

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