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Phlib Hipstamatic Bundle!

As seen on BBC and sold in HEALS!


This is a big bundle for two of our very popular Hipstamatic frames. Together they hold 18 (EIGHTEEN!) of your awesome Hipstamatic 4x4 inch, square-format photographs in a lovely array that would even happily satisfy those neat and tidy types who iron and fold their underwear. The photos are held onto the frame with rare-earth magnets (from the future). And the frame holds your photographs away from the wall (about 2cm) so they look as if they're floating (see how they work). Brilliant!


PLUS... when you get bored of your photos you can literally rip them down (it feels like pulling a tablecloth from under the crockery) and put up new ones. Quick. Simple.

  • 2 frames made out of metal
  • Holds 18 photographs (not included)
  • Individual photo size: Hipstamatic 4x4in (±10%)
  • Comes with 72 magnets (plus some spares)
  • Only 800g
  • 325mm x 325mm x 12mm each
  • Includes Command™ Picture Hanging Hook (see options)
  • Available in satin white, red
  • Mounting instructions included: Nail, stick, or screw
  • Orientation: Square!

WARNING: Comes with strong magnets which should be kept away from children at all times

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Photos not included.

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